Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hello guys ! ! !
I have changed to my new blog !

just click on it yea :0

hope to see you all there :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Rainny Day

It was drizzling while Andrew walked me to the class today as we were having lectures at the same time and same block :) i thought i will be suffering from the cold cause i didn't bring my coat with me and i was only wearing long sleeves with jeans.

Well i underestimated my body.

It seems like i am getting used to the weather here (*v*)

By the way I am thinking of switcing my bloggie to wordpress since i have signed up an account in this july.. Should i ? tell me please readers :)

Monday, 29 September 2008


( warn you : it's going to be a very long post, hope you don't fall asleep half way )

Let's start
today is actually my 1oth day in UWE but well.. i am going to blog about my 1st week in UWE. 1ST WEEK wei.. i thought i have been here for a month ! Life here is boring !

BOoooOoORING ! ! !

eat sleep eat sleep walk wait for andrew to come home cook are my routine everyday.

Andrew is very busy ! His course is killing i would say. There's presentation or talk at least once a week. Oh well, if you think he is pitiful., i think i am pitiful as well. I have just read one of my module handbook, my course is nothing better than him. I have to present most of the time too and my groupmates will write their comments on the comment paper which is bad enough, worse still


i hate talking in front of people. I am such a coward ! !
Whatever it is since i can't change the fact so we better move on ..

US @ Drew's room

These photos are taken when Andrew was having a day break. LOL Told you guys here is boring. We can't sing k ( cause it's real expensive - a few hundred pounds for a room) cant go for movie so we stuck at our room and started taking photos cause we don't need to spend money !

The couple :)

me with my favourite bright pink pillow :)

Beside taking photos, Andrew reads his car magazines when he is free while me..
you guess what i do normally?

Guess Guess Guess

I talk to the cows through the window. wth i am serious !

cause Andrew is always busy reading his magz and i don't have any magazines, books, movies or another alternative is i take out my camera and start taking nonsense.. I do have moonlight resonance DVD but it can't works ! ! Being the computer idiot, i decided not to watch the dramas even though i know it's damn nice ;(

# pussy on my pinky pillow

one of the pic i took. I got this drink from Fresher Fair for free and the name of the drink is WEIRD. PUSSY?? both of us tried the drink and it sucks !

It's like u're drinking fragrance i swear !

and well, i take pic of myself too. this is how i look in UK.. still looks the same ( of course ! ! ! )
i think i am putting on weight ! i ate so much rice here thanks to the weather . My mommy warned me the other day when i webcamed with her. She said this to me :

Don't eat so much ! ! ! later you become a fat girl with huge belly ! T.T

# reading an interesting brochure. It includes all the famous places, foods, bla bla in Bristol.


Dynasty @ Victoria Street

Again we went to the town to hunt for chinese restaurants and groceries shops. We decided to give it another try even though we came back home with dissapointment on last weekend.

Well, after doing some research and looking at the map and guide, we succeed this time ! We found the chinese groceries shop too ! * claps claps *

But this dinner burned a big hole in both our pockets. It costs us 28 pounds equivalent to RM 170 for just a dinner :( :( :(
you must be thinking we must be having great food and great drink..

Let's check it out

me still can smile with my 10 quids hokkien fried rice

# undeniable, the portion is big !

and Andrew's yin yong fried rice ( another 10 quids gone ) + our chinese tea

wan tan soup 4.50 quids

both of us feel sad and pain when the bill came ! LOL i am not joking ! Anyway we sort of know when we look at the price of the food laaa

# pms face T.T

# Mr. A's pms face

Good news is Drew and i might become part time waiter/waitress here. So pray hard for usokie, we so want the job ! ! !

Last, our ikea stuff which i mentioned in the previous entry.
these things costs us another 78 quids :(

We are ofiicially broke !
That explains why we need a PART TIME JOB.

Okie, it's time to stop and become part time house GF. Need to cook for our dinner

Toodles <3

Thursday, 25 September 2008

想家 miss home

Got to know this song from my younger bro. It was his blog's song when he was studying in taiwan ;) I love the lyrics very much ! it's so meaningful :)

It has been almost a week here. Update..

1. My class is going to start next week.But i can relax alil cause there's no workshops for the 1st week ;) Went to register myself and joined taylors student for induction day. Well, the uni is so big that i need to ask ppl for direction ;( those ppl i met are very helpful. The induction thing is so so so boring. I almost fall asleep half way T.T by the way, our five-floors library is giant!! we can definitely play hide and seek in the lib. * okie, will try my best to take some pics alright *

2. I met only one of my floormates :O there's 6 rooms in my flat but 2 are not occupied yet. Well cause most of the time i dine and cook at drew's kitchen so i get to know all his floormates. They are a bunch of friendly people.
3. Went to Ikea with Andrew yesterday. Spent 70+ quids for our home deco. But Ikea is actually quite far from Eastville Park bus stop, it takes 15 mins to reach the place and imagine both of us carry 2 big shopping bags of stuff , 2 umbrellas and 2 laundry bags home by bus.. Great job ehh :L
4. Haven talk to the parents for a few days. Miss them ALOT. I miss my mom's cooking ahh, even though Andrew and I managed to cook different dishes everyday but it's so hard to think what to cook everyday ...
Anyways, i have took some pics of Broadmeads when i visited the town and woot woot A new shopping mall is going to open this friday :P

Hope u guys enjoy the pics and the song too

Until next time ..

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Weather forecast
Current:Mostly CloudyWind: N at 18 km/hHumidity: 83%
Mon 16°C 9°C
Tue 13°C 9°C
Wed 14°C 11°C
Thu 15°C 8°C

It' so cold now arrr ! ! ! i feel like going home ~* my feets and hands are so cold that i used my hair dryer to get them some warm. Ahh !! yesterday and day b4 yesterday was okie. Atleast i still can wear short pants with leggings and some normal dress to town but today.. well kill me please ! it's only 9c , i wonder how can i survive througout the whole winter !

It's still AUTUMN now !
* how to survive ?!
have been exploring bristol town by using Ulink bus. We ( student village's residents) do not need to pay for it so.. you know free ride ! ! ! But it comes only once an hour T.T i hate waiting for bus and sitting in the bus make both me and andrew feel sleepy ! yea, it takes 25 mins to reach Bristol town.
Been to the town during weekends and well ! ! ! ! we couldn't find the famous dim sum place ( chinese restaurant ) so the 1st day we ended up at Starbucks cause we were too hungry and tired. the price is still ok, 3.20 quids for a mocha while the 2nd day we dined at burger king.. failed to find the restaurant again :(
Luckily Andrew Ewe is here. I get to adapt the environment fast and he brings me to explore bristol.
Beside that, my brain is not suffering jet lag problems but
my tummy certainly does..
get hungry at 3am in the morning which is 10am back in Msia. This tummy of mine is quite fantastic i would say..
Anyways, I miss everything back home. The family, grandmother , everything ! ! ! wait, i am not emo okie, i just miss them ! Bristol is quite good, fresh air, nice view, alot of greens and their cars here are so cheap as compared to M'sia ! Most of them drive with the roof open sigh ~*

somewhere near the town

More pics will be uploaded ok ! ! !

Have a great day peeps <3

Sunday, 21 September 2008

On the Flight
since i am free now, i better blog more...

well showing you what i ate in the flights. I didn't take direct flight to come UK but thai airline. Honestly, the food is quite delicious. Well, it's just my opinion cause Andrew was complaining that the food wasnt nice at all. Not to mention i was quite hungry in the plane larh..

my breakfast b4 reaching Heathrow airport
*spanish omelet, premium chicken sausage, vagetable nugget, baked potato with olive oil,, oregano,fruit yoghurt and some fruits*

my supper
*Smoked Salmon with Potato Salad, Fruits, Chicken Curry Mussaman, Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice, vege, Chestnut Mascarpone Cheesecake

chicken rice. * this is not so nice*

Beside that.. i have moved in to my room but i hide at Andrew's room most of the time cause we cook and dine together and my room is much colder as compared to Andrew's. Dun ask me why..cause i am trying to find out the reasons too.

present you : Student village

side view

This is my room :)

sorry, it's quite messy as i do not have any hangers and decorations in my room.

still messy.. my own toilet is on the right , which is behind the mirror


the toilet is quite clean and nice except the shower curtain. Ewww so so so dirty i have to complain :(


the kitchen

it's quite big and only 6 of us sharing a kitchen ;p

ignore Mr. Andrew

Alright i need to leave dy. My neck is still aching like nuts :(

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Happy Birthday to Papa Yee 特别献给我的爸爸

我的爸爸 您真伟大 照顾我们 不辞劳苦。。 我忘了下一段的歌词 !



别担心我,我已经开始适应这里的环境。 这里的天气很好, 犹如我们的云顶。 虽然有大太阳但是外面还是蛮冷地. 尤其是厕所, 冷到我不想冲凉, 还有那该死的厕所板( toilet bowl ) 冷到我无法形容 !! 这里的空气很清新 而且还有很多黑白牛(没有巧克力牛, 我不知道为什么) 在学校附近的草原。

well, just to inform you guys that i have touched down uk safe. Settled down my stuff even though we ( Andrew and i ) took freaking 4+ hours to travel from London to Bristol by different coaches.
London Heathrow -----> London Victoria Coach -----> Bristol City-----> UWE Frenchay

So ppl, especially Eunice, don't worry about me. I am doing real fine at the moment. My camera died on me when i was on the plane so not many pics taken.
liltle farewell with the 2 besties

of course we din cry, we just pretended to..

eunice <3>

KLIA with the family

sister <3

my beloved papa and mama

younger bro. Youngest bro couldnt send me off cause he was having class :(

my neck is aching now :(

Stay tuned for more updates alright ! BYE

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Short Update from Bangkok Airport
hello guys.. i am now at bangkok airport and waiting for my flight :) hahaha will update once i settled down :)
Will tell you the story soon
BYE ...

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Granny & me

Grandmother is really depressed and she cried when she talked to me and my mom since the day b4 yesterday. SIGH.. I feel heartache and sad whenever i see her sobbing. She never cry in front of people. NEVER..

She was saying: haihs i can't see you for a year.. i am going to miss you..

me : no granny, i will be back very soon. one year isn't long. Dun worry, i have friends with me and my boy friend is there too.

Granny : i know i know. But whenever i think of you leaving to uk i will start sobbing.. can't see you every sunday :(

me : No, you still can see me.. i will ask siblings to bring laptop here and you can see me through webcam..

aihs.. now i think my father will be sobbing soon also. * shh* he is like me. He will be sobbing whenever his children go overseas or wont be staying at home for a long time :) aiks....

Good news to the family is.. i am going to postpone my flight. The visa result is not yet out. Appearantly it takes 7 working days to process everything. SO.. i will be visiting my granny everyday. I am trying my best to make her feel better :)

Drew, sorry your mooncake.. hmmm probably reaching late ..

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Should i make things clear?

As a blogger, i know there is always reader who disagree with what you have done/ said cause different people have different point of views. We cannot blame him/her just because thier point of view are different from us..

Anyways, just want to make things clear to avoid any war as my blog is just to tell my friends or those who knows me in real life about my life, thoughts and all. If you feel offended, i am sorry.. i am not trying to be rude, think deeply, do you really know me? and i didn't even write something bad about you or should i put it in another way.. i never say anything bad about other ppl but only my life in my own bloggie. isn't that reasonable?

So please don't simply attack me as you don't even know what is going on and all alright..

I am more than happy if you like to read my bloggie . However if you dislike me or the way i present.. i have ntg to say but THANK YOU for reading my bloggie * in a polite way*

Sunday, 7 September 2008


Have been thinking alot of things lately. It will be the last week to stay in Msia if my visa is approved. I am afraid to leave my home :( I dunno why so many ppl know i am leaving to UK soon. I actually didn't plan to tell others like relatives and all.. cause

1. i still want my ang paos during CNY cause i wont be at home for this CNY sobs.

2. I don't like ppl keep asking me when am i leaving and telling me studying in UK is NOT CHEAP ( cause i know it's not cheap LOL)

3. I don't like they spread the news to those unknown and now it seems like everyone knows i am leaving to UK. ( i better make things clear to avoid misunderstanding caused. my unknown is refers to those uncles aunties or relatives who are not close with me not you readers or my friends)

My lovely grandmother is worried.

She kept asking me whether i am going alone and when i said no, i have friends there and some of my friends will be at the same flight with me.. she is relieved :) she thinks 15th is too soon. Luckily i still manage to celebrate my father's birthday and mooncake festival with my family and her.

* father's birthday = mid autumn festival*

arr i don't want to leave ahh. no car there, no mommy's cook. I have to be real independant this time. Imagine this girl cried so much during NS and hugged and cried together with the grandmother when they both saw each other after a few months.. how silly LOL it sounds like i will be doing the same thing at the airport. SHYYYTTT.. i cannot hold my tears wan rrrr cause

I am well knowned as A CRY BABY since i am born T.T

cried secretly when i watch pitiful scene in drama,movie, when i hear pitiful stories, when i see pitiful doggies.

BIG SIGH .. i wish i am tougher !!!!

on the other hand, i am quite excited actually. Can study abroad is a totally new experience and since my bf is there things will be alirght la atleast, right Andrew hahaha..

atleast if i miss home, he will be there la, lend me his shoulder and let me to cry until his shirt is all wet * i mean atleast i have someone to rely on*

Parents are still worried. But, it's time to learn to be an independent girl la. Solve everything all by myself.. make my own decisions and all.



Anyways, I know i am well blessed. I have a new car when i 1st got my driving licence and it's not cheap. I have the best education, the best-est family. I am gratitude for everything they have done for me. My family is a typical chinese family, we don't say i love you to each other cause we think it's funny. That's why i normally keep all my feelings inside my heart. I appreciate but i don't show it most of the time.

to the family members * i know my bro will definitely read my bloggie * Don worry bout me!

I've promised myself to work hard and smart to obtain good result, ensure the money is well-spent !

well.. i am still feeling reluctant to leave after all hahaha..

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Counting Down

Offer letter issue is finally solved ! ! after i raised my voice to the representitive of UWE in malaysia. I didn't want to do it initially but.. i have no choice..

It was yesterday which is wednesday la

i called unilink ( representitve of UWE)

me : hey, may i know whether my offer letter is done?

staff : your name please..

me : ..... ( told her my name)

and then the staff talked to another person. She didnt put down the phone so i heard her conversation with another staff clearly..

staff 2 : tell her tomorrow..

staff 1 : can only be done by tomorrow.

i was damn angry
and i called inti staff, Pei yi ( a nice and resposible lady) right after i put down the call.Told her my case and asked her to chase them.

After 10 minutes

Amanda ( the head of representitive of UWE ) called

Amanda : hey nicole, Amanda here. Your offer letter cannot be done by today cause we do not have your file.

this really pissed me off. i have been tolerate with them and waited patiently since friday. Called on tuesday and she said wednesday can definitely get it..

me : what are you talking about ? you do not have my file? what do you mean by that? I have been waiting since friday and now you tell me you do not have my file ? What for asking me to wait since you cant proceed my things ? Is this the way you treat your customer?

Amanda : cause we do not have your conditional letter..

Brilliant ! until now only they tell.. so how if i didn't call? how if i didn't raise my voice.. just wait for tomorrow and tomorrow until i miss my flight and the course starts?

Anyways, i faxed them my conditional letter and finally they gave me my unconditional letter on the same day. Phews You see this is how they work.. Beside that, i have submitted my visa application today :) so now everyone please pray for my visa ;*)

Well, since all the unhappy things are over. Let's show you my cutie cousin. i baby-sitted her for half an hour today LOL

she always stick with me and does not allow my family members to carry her. Alright, i think she is potential model ! see, so young can promote her water bottle dy..

pose 1 * can spot her small little sling bag? hahaha mom bought it. it's for her to put her belonging which is jeng jeng jeng jeng.. her own pacifier. i am not kidding *

pose 2

pose 3 : i am the happiest girl in the world ! ! !

So to those advertisers : If you're looking for cute little baby for avertisement please contact me.. okok joking !

Last, i can finally relax woo hoo, visit drewie's family, help the father, spend time with my family and besties :)
a sneak peep of my winter coat :) i didn't buy this color thou

Alright, time to say bye bye

Sweet dreams peeps

Toodles ~*

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

K. O

After battling with inti staff for exactly a week, the warrior decided to take some rest cause she fell sick hahaha.. useless body sigh.. my throat hurts.. it's burning and i have tried pei pa ko, lemon tea, kat zai, 100 plus and 6 sorethroat pills but my throat is still hurting LOL

Anyways, the offer letter is still hiding in the blue blue sea. I feel like giving up ! if so happened that i can't make it for the course then.. i will just stay in Msia la( the boy is going to kick my ass). i actually dun wan this to happen since i have bought my winter coat and my cousin gave me a nice autumn coat as well. But i do not know what else to do. I am lazy to talk to those irresponsible fellas.

And to the boy friend who misses me and check my blog everyday... i have faith in you. think positive (i know you always do).. and oh just wait for me okie. i will try my very best to chase thier asses off.. and try my best to be there so that we can study and fight for our future together :)



Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sleepless Night

I know i know keep complaining here is useless but i am extremely grumpy now. Things are still not done, i can't have a nice sleep. Didn't sleep well for two days ald thanks to you-know-what ! Fuck it @#$%^&*() ! i am real frustrated .. I am running out of time larh ! Since they have booked a flight on 15th Sept why don't they complete our application in time? Parents getting dissapointed and what should i do? I have tried my best to keep pastering them, went college since tuesday and till now they still haven't complete my things..can't even tell me when can i collect my offer letter * asked us not to wait until last minute and see.. who should we blame now?*

I am extremely grumpy as i said.

I did write some comments when i handed in my withdrawal form to Inti Admin and i hope they do take actions. Anyways.. don't think they will la since u know the service is still suck like hell.

We have gave up the chance to be entitled to 500 pounds discount since everything is not confirmed yet. i can buy a laptop or a branded bag i tell you..who going to compensate me?

Now, i don't even know i should shop for my clothes or not. Have been midvalley, Bangsar and Sg wang these two days and came back with empty hands. Dunno whether i should make the purchase or not. What if i didn't make it at the last minute. There's so many uncertainties and no one can actually help. I have done whateva i can. let's the god to pray for me..

it's so sickening and i am tired.

Going Subang back and forth everyday is not funny at all.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Finally.. braces no more :)

so happened that Andrew get to see me without braces b4 he departed. Yea, for all of u who knows him, he just landed at London few hours ago.. and he told me that his room is really nice and clean :) of course ! we pay 4810 pounds alright ! not cheap *burn a big big hole in my father's pocket, sob*

This is the 1st time i didn't follow the family to the airport. Yea, planned it day b4 since i will be seeing him after 3 weeks and i should let him to spend some quality time with the family.. yea, trying to be more considerate :p ( i have promised andrew to visit the family *.)

Anyways, did i tell you the good news?

i have passed my exam

no big deal ehh LOL now i am afraid that i cannot done my visa application in time. i am not sure whether the offer letter can be reached in time as UWE is really slow. On the other hand, Inti is not much better, they keep delaying my result as in i know i am passed but the exact marks is not out yet.. so i am still hanging half way, cant send my full result to UWE which means they cannot issue me unconditional letter at the moment ! and it affects all my plans.. cant proceed to my visa application (they want original offer letter) and cannot confirm my flight ! ! ! ! scolded Inti staff on the phone as she promised me i will definitely get the result latest by today.. i want to be entitled to the 500 pounds discount larh ( if i pay my tuition fees b4 31st August ) Brrrrrr.. i will keep chasing them i dont care..

you might be wondering why i am so worried, it's bcoz one of Drew's friend has failed to get his visa due to there is no orignal offer letter and now he cannot study at UWE coz they do not accept those who are late for the course ! @#$&*((&^$#

Alright, show you my teeth larh, it makes me happier

muahahaha, braces no more ! ! !

side view, wth -.- |||

yea yea the clear one..*Grins*

Whateva la, i must go UWE that's it * cross fingers*

so ..

It's time to go shoppinG !

Monday, 25 August 2008


Well, better talk about my oh so incredible part time job today. The pay is not bad but guess what people, the system of that company is so messed up ! Worst still, gastric striked me during the lunch break. Didn't eat since morning.. I almost give up after that..

Can you imagine

no no, you cant ! i was about to roll on the floor..

i could'nt move at all. Almost puke when i walked to the store room to get some rest !

ohh wait, did i tell you there's this gay-ish looking guy ? he is one of my part-time collegue and he is damn gay that hse nags like a woman ! worse than my mom larh my god.. Mouth keep bobeh bobeh (nagging) and got angry when the customers asked him questions.. besides that, he always think he is gorgeous or handsome ! nvm that he walks like a woman but he will still keep nagging like a woman when he is walking.. *fainted* but he did entertain me..

Anyways, forget about the part time job. i am not going to work dy haha.. Let's see how i spent my weekend then..

Well, cause this is the last week for Andrew so his family brought him to makan chinese food at hotel equatorial and i am invited. HAHA.. drew and i went pavillion on thursday to get Red Cliff tix cause his father is highly interested in this movie.

Right after the dinner, the couple walked around Bukit Bintang and decided to drink Starbucks again while waiting for the movie.

the bf ( dia tak tau saya tangkap photo-nya)

starbuck coffee rocks starbuck coffee rocks. *stupid face, slap!*

I cant wait to see my result la DAMNNNN !

Friday, 22 August 2008


Have been really free these few days and well i still have to wait for my result.. *cross fingers* don't think everything can be done in time seriously.. UWE is slow like a turtle.. I need my original unconditional letter for my visa application man.. headache ~* Ndrewie is leaving soon arrr very soon.. hahaha ! bye dummie, no dim sum no mamak muahaha can't see me without braces nenepupu..

well, moving on

post-exam celebration..

Initially i was planning to meet the boy after i have done with da exam. This fui yee sms-ed me and asked me to join her and pei jun for brunch. So.. i met them at Sunway. well, i remember the threesome(iris, fuiyee and saya) used to have lunch together almost everyday, nando with flying cockroach, winter warmer, The Jack place.. miss hanging out with them T.T

This fuiyee is the funniest classmate i met in inti. she laughed for stupid jokes LOL.. and we used to burn midnight oil together during exam period. Sms each other and see whether one of us fell asleep or how many we studied bla bla .. oii lady remember our Finance 316 .. both of us thought we failed the paper hahaha dumb la us!

dun worry le, hamster's friend ( she calls me hamster) i will definitely help you to look for the bestest signature bag and most handsome guy okie * if i make it to UK land*

well, this is Pei jun. talkative and friendly lady ! *damn i am like a giant hahaha*

Okie, i need to get prepared now. Bf is on the way to pick me up